Planet On3 book cover (Alien Octopus in yoga pose in front of glowing green planet
Planet On3
A story that peeks into the enormous universe and gives you a unique glimpse into how it all became to be. Planet On3 is a bold non-traditional graphic novel written and vibrantly illustrated by Ryan Douglas Lee.

In addition, alien octopi ride sharks...

Crafted with passion

This story results from conversations with my son over the last few years. I would draw things and ask for his thoughts, then incorporate ideas he had as I worked on the book. It is incredible to have poured so much into every word and illustration, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

42 Custom pages with illustrations

Each page was was created with care and thought.

Open book with 2 pages, first is a Frog alien holding staff with a fish bowl that holds alien water snake, the second is a robotic alien with giant pulsating colorful head.

Vibrant illustrations

Each illustration starts as a paper sketch and is then polished in digital media.

42 Unique hand crafted illustrations


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